European designed and manufactured, strong, engineered, aluminium pole.
Our giant cantilevered umbrellas provide an attractive shady environment. These giant umbrellas are an innovative solution for outdoor spaces where shade is needed in different areas as the sun moves.


Robust in construction, these super versatile umbrellas can be rotated on their pivot base and the cantilever design means there is no centre pole to get in the way of picnic tables, seating or play equipment. They rotate 300º and fold away and have been rigorously tested to withstand winds of up to 40 kph.

  • Super versatile 300º rotation - can be moved as the sun moves.

  • Cantilever design means no centre pole to get in the way.

  • Patented 'Single Movement Sliding System' - for easy up action.

  • Premium quality acrylic fabric - waterproof, can be washed and replaced.

  • 2.5 metre or 3.5 metre diameter size, octagonal or square. Umbrellas can be combined in multiples to cover larger areas.

  • Range of fabric colours with powder coated poles and frames in matt grey.

  • Three installation options - rotating single umbrella, non-rotating single/multi-umbrellas, or wall mounted telescopic arm umbrella.

Guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship, defective materials and mechanical failure.


Installation Options


  1. Rotating single umbrellas - up and down in one easy sliding movement. 

  2. Non-rotating single/multi-umbrellas - Multi Pole - 1, 2, 3 or 4 umbrellas mounted on one pole!

  3. Wall mounted telescopic arm umbrellas - Telescopic arm 1.40 - 1.80 m length can swing horizontally, umbrella can tilt 10 degrees, folds neatly against wall when not in use.

Cantilevered Umbrellas

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Cantilevered Umbrellas

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