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Watermelon Shade was very professional to deal with. They came out and quoted for the work and also followed up on the quote, unlike other suppliers who didn't even get back to me. They were fantastic to deal with and managed a difficult installation without a hitch. I would absolutely recommend them.


Katey Gregg, Gregg Builders

Gregg Builders

I decided to go with WMS because they were well priced and their quote documents were the most professionally laid out. They were nice to deal with and obviously knew their stuff. Adding the sail and the blinds has allowed me to significantly increase my display area and this coupled with other improvements we've made has increased business by 70%. I was impressed with the service and their going the extra mile to have things set up the week before Christmas.


Tony Kiesanowski, Owner, Vegeland

Vegeland, Christchurch

We have an ongoing relationship with Watermelon Shade and I find them professional to deal with. After installation of our sails they came back for a review, listened to us and rectified a couple of problems we were having. The biggest advantage for us has been the huge improvement in the system for putting up and taking down the sails. Previously, this had been a real effort! The new system is more mechanical and Watermelon Shade was happy to come out and set up for us. I would recommend them.


Brian Baker, Principal, Lincoln Primary, Canterbury

Out of the four suppliers I rang, Watermelon Shade were the only ones who bothered to come out and prepare us a proper quote! We couldn't have run the kennels without the sun sails, it gets up to 40 degrees here in the summer and without shade the dogs really suffer. They not only look great visually but we really appreciate the difference they make.


Jane McPhee, Owner, Oxford Boarding Kennels


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